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Customer Testimonials

No More Spring Noise

The springs on my garage door gave out, creating a loud banging noise. Garage Door Repair Vancouver technicians replaced them with extra-strength springs and gave me some helpful tips on how to maintain them to avoid future problems. Very professional service!

– Melinda, Vancouver ( Review)

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Additional Services

Garage Door Spring Repair
SpringGarage Door Repair Vancouver tackles broken torsion and extension springs, the vital components that balance your garage door. Made from high-cycle oil-tempered steel for durability, they typically last 10,000-15,000 cycles (several years). Our technicians diagnose the issue (broken spring or worn-out) and replace it with the appropriate size and type for your specific door. More on Spring Repair Service
Garage Door Opener Repair
OpenerGarage Door Repair Vancouver fixes malfunctioning openers (belt-drive, screw-drive, chain-drive) from top brands (LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Genie, etc.). Lasting 7-12 years, openers can experience electrical issues or worn parts. Our technicians diagnose the problem and recommend repair or replacement with a compatible, high-quality opener for lasting performance. More on Opener Repair Service
Garage Door Cable Repair
Garage Door Repair Vancouver repairs or replaces worn garage door cables. Made of high-strength galvanized steel, these cables typically last several years. Our technicians diagnose cable issues and fix them if possible. Otherwise, they replace the cables with high-quality galvanized steel to ensure smooth and safe garage door operation. More on Cable Repair Service
Garage Door Sensor Repair
Garage Door Repair Vancouver can fix your malfunctioning garage door sensors. These infrared sensors (universal or brand-specific) typically last 5-7 years. Our technicians diagnose the problem (misalignment, dirty lenses, damaged wiring) and fix it if possible. Otherwise, they replace them with high-quality sensors for continued safety and smooth operation of your garage door. More on Sensor Repair Service
Garage Door Roller Repair
Garage Door Repair Vancouver tackles noisy or malfunctioning rollers. We offer both nylon for quiet operation and steel for heavy-duty doors. Lasting 5-10 years, these rollers can wear out. Our technicians assess the problem and replace them with high-quality nylon or steel rollers, ensuring a smooth and quiet garage door operation. More on Roller Repair Service
Garage Door Off-Track Repair
Misaligned garage door? Garage Door Repair Vancouver can fix it! Our technicians tackle bent tracks (usually galvanized steel) caused by loose brackets or impacts. They’ll diagnose the issue and realign the tracks using specialized tools, ensuring your door operates smoothly and safely again. Don’t wait – call us to prevent further damage! More on Off-Track Repair Service
Gate Repair Services
Garage Door Repair Vancouver isn’t just doors! We fix all types of gates (swing, slide, barrier) too. Common problems include malfunctioning openers, broken hinges, or faulty sensors. Our technicians diagnose & repair the issue using high-quality parts, ensuring your gate operates securely for years to come. More on Gate Repair Service

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About Us

At Garage Door Repair Vancouver, we’ve been at the forefront of meeting this growing demand, serving both residential and commercial clients across Clark County. Our company has deep roots in the community, understanding the unique needs of Vancouver’s diverse neighborhoods – from the historic homes in Hough to the newer developments in Fishers Landing. We offer a comprehensive range of services, including emergency repairs, routine maintenance, new installations, and custom upgrades for all types of garage doors and gates. Whether it’s a modern glass garage door for a contemporary home in downtown Vancouver, a durable commercial door for a warehouse in the Columbia Business Center, or a sophisticated gate system for a property in Felida, our team of certified technicians has the expertise to handle projects of any scale and complexity.

Our commitment to excellence goes beyond just technical proficiency. We pride ourselves on delivering personalized solutions that not only meet functional requirements but also align with our clients’ aesthetic preferences and budget constraints. For homeowners, we offer an extensive selection of garage door styles and materials that can significantly enhance a property’s value and energy efficiency. Our commercial clients benefit from our focus on durability, security, and operational efficiency, ensuring minimal disruptions to their business activities.

From addressing common issues like broken springs and malfunctioning openers to implementing cutting-edge smart garage door systems, Garage Door Repair Vancouver is the go-to expert for all garage door and gate needs in the area. With our 24/7 emergency service and commitment to using premium quality parts, we ensure that Vancouver, WA residents and businesses have a reliable partner for all their garage door and gate requirements, contributing to the safety, functionality, and beauty of properties across the city.